To Airbrush or Not to Airbrush??

photo courtesy Airbrush Cosmetics.net

One of the common questions we are being asked lately is “should I get airbrushed?” The answer, YES! Airbrush makeup provides brides with a flawless finish. Airbrushing allows the makeup artist to control the coverage and provide you with a beautiful fresh look, without feeling like your face is caked in makeup.  
Airbrush makeup is traditionally water-based and some formulations are silicone based, so it is safe for all skin types, and the bonus is it lasts all day, and does not rub off like traditional liquid foundation, making it the perfect product for brides. Airbrush makeup provides for maximum coverage, with hardly any product usage and delivers a natural and translucent look. If you have oily or overactive skin, airbrushing is perfect for it, and best of all it does not require powder, which on some woman can tend to look aging.  
I personally love using airbrush makeup on myself and clients. I love it because I never have to touch up, I spray it on and it’s there at the end of the day. The other bonus to airbrush makeup is color matching. With there being so many different shades available, airbrush makeup is easy to match your color and tone in and artists can even mix to make the perfect shade. Airbrush makeup is also great for contouring the face, adding blush, and even doing a dramatic eye.  
Ok, so now I talked about how great airbrush makeup is! I have to make this a two sided story. The downers to airbrush makeup are its expensive! An average airbrush makeup session can cost $90-$200 depending on the artist. Also, with airbrush, you want to have a professional apply it. It takes practice and technique to use an airbrush gun, in the wrong hands airbrushing can look blotchy or uneven, so it is important to hire a professional.  
Overall, in my professional opinion, airbrush foundation is the way to go, its quick, flawless, and lasts a long time, every woman’s dream!