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Shooting with Song

I was privileged to work with an extremely talented designer Song Oh from New York design house SOH. Song specializes in high end designer knitwear. SOH designs are made from luxury fabrics including cashmere, silk, and fine cotton and linen blends. What sets SOH apart is the philosophy they stand by “We strive for harmonious balance with nature and our daily surroundings….we can always make time to smell the roses, to reflect on our inner growth within a quiet moment.” Song’s personality embodies this very philosophy. He is my favorite designer to work with, articulating his vision with sincerity and truly believing in what his designs inspire. Song is funny, warm, caring, and we became friends on this shoot!

Song’s eye for understated and easy elegance is one to be admired. The 2011 Spring/Summer collection inspired by nature features bright whites contrasted beautifully by muted grays, rich blues, and deep greens. The flow and attention to detail in each design is pristine conceptual yet simple. The collection is luxury made simple and a privilege to wear.

 To view Song’s entire collection or find a store visit

For this shoot we went with a look that is casual and easy. 

On her: Tousled locks and natural makeup to compliment a walk on the beach or a stroll through the market.

On him: Messy waves to work with windy day highlighting his piercing browns.