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Eyelash Extensions-What to expect and where to go!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the latest craze in beauty trends and are not be confused with strip lashes. Eyelash extensions are individually fused to each lash providing more volume and length. They are semi-permanent lasting up to three weeks, and blend seamlessly with your own lashes; so no one is the wiser! The extensions are made from either synthetic, silk, or genuine mink. Once they are applied they provide the look of mascara so there is no need to apply! However a water -based mascara will add even more drama.  Eyelash extensions are perfect for those who lack in lashes or for those looking for more drama, or to brighten their eyes. You can add length and volume to your natural lashes. These are a perfect option for brides who love the look of false lashes. This way you can have the look on the wedding day and during the honeymoon!

Who can Apply Them?

Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a licensed esthetician certified in lash extensions. Be wary of those salons adding on lash extensions as  a secondary service. There is a lot of technical skill required for lash extensions, so if someone is not properly trained they can damage your lashes and eyes. Here is a before and after photo of girl who had bad eyelash extensions and what they look like after they were fixed.


This person had really bad eyelash extensions put on and went to Blink Eyelash Bar to have them repaired.

CORRECTED-EYELASH EXTENSIONS-This women came to Blink Lash bar after she had bad eyelash extensions applied at another salon.

Looking for Luscious Lashes?

Look no further than Blink Eyelash Bar!


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Wilson the owner of Blink Eyelash Bar in Capital Hill. I know you may be wondering a bar for eyelashes? Well it is just that, Blink is the first full service eyelash extension bar in Seattle. They specialize in eyelash extensions and Blink is the only Salon in Seattle to offer eyelash dips (as seen on the Today Show). Blink is located across from Roy Street Coffee in the Loveless building. Upon walking in you are greeted by the cutest smiling faces and posh decor. I know there are salons around the sound offering eyelash extensions, however none come close to the service, professionalism, and quality you will receive at Blink.

The Process

Your eyelash technician will take you into a private treatment room for your consultation and service. Based on your eye shape and consultation the technician will customize a look specifically for your eye shape and face.

After the specialist designs your eyelash template you lie down on a soft table with a heated blanket.  The technician will begin by cleaning your eyelids to ensure no makeup is on the lids (it is best to show up with no eye-makeup, including mascara). Once clean they will begin the application process, individually fusing one lash at a time. The entire process takes a  couple of hours and it is so relaxing that I fell asleep! 

The Difference

At Blink extensions are applied to each individual lash, not every other lash or every third lash, but every lash. This creates a more natural and full look.
I have to say when I first heard about eyelash extensions, I was skeptical, I thought why not just use strip lashes? Well after having a full set put on, I can understand why. The extensions look amazing! They last for three weeks and I don’t even have to wear mascara when I have them on. I just go in for a fill every few weeks to maintain them and that’s it!

Blink owners were kind enough to offer Pacific Artistry clients and customers an amazing 20% off of a full set of lashes!

So when you make your appointment make sure you let them know we sent you!

To book an appointment call 206-324-Lash (5274) or visit

Check out my before and after photo as well as a few others!