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New Year New Storage!

If you are like me then you probably have hoards of makeup at home and are looking for ways to store them. Many of us don’t always use the makeup we have simply because we forget about it, can’t find it, or it is hidden in a drawer somewhere. One of the best ways to start the New Year is by doing a makeup cleansing and reorganizing.

Organizing can sound daunting to some, but it actually can be quite cathartic. According to  , (2011) organizing can be great for stress management. Now we all made resolutions in the New Year, some chose losing weight, others chose to quit vices. One easy and affordable way to improve your stress management and beauty life is through makeup organization!

Step 1. Finding the Right Storage!

Finding the right storage can be a lot of fun. First figure out what type of space you are working with. Do you do your makeup in your room, in the bathroom, or a closet? Figure out your space and then assess what will fit into that area. Depending on your space and budget there are items that will help get your makeup inline.

Here are some easy makeup storage solutions: 

Acrylic trays: These are great for counter top storage. These work for powders, lipsticks, or even disposables such as cotton balls, q-tips, sponges. etc.  These are inexpensive and easy to find at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

$8.99 Target

Makeup/vanity storage - $9 at Target!

Toolboxes and craft boxes are another excellent way of storing your makeup. You can find these for $19.96 at Home Depot store or even at craftstores like Michaels. These are a great way to store makeup because it can be cataloged  labeled and you can see through so you know what you have available.

makeup storage solutions...

Stackable drawers are another great way of storing makeup. These can also be found at Wal-Mart and Target and range in price depending on the size you get.  The only challenge with these is they can begin to become a dumping ground of various products. So if you do opt for drawers like the ones below add organizing inserts and label each drawer so you keep things neat!

Affordable Makeup Storage Drawers

Office storage products are excellent ways of storing makeup! They are affordable and easily accessible. Today’s office storage solutions are also a lot more fashionable then in years past so you have the option of customizing units to fit your style and decor.

makeup storage

Do it yourself! For those of you who are crafty you can create your own makeup storage solutions. Such as makeup boards or brush storage like the ones featured below.

How to Make it

Makeup Magnet Wall ... Love this one! Would be great for organizing / viewing all of the mineral makeup.  Also helpful if a bathroom or vanity areas has little counter space or storage cupboards.  Everywhere has walls.  :)

#DIY #Makeup/brush storage

Acrylic Drawers are a fantastic way to store your makeup. Many people first saw these on Keeping up with the Kardashians. These drawers look beautiful on counters and are excellent for easily locating your product. If your budget can afford them they retail from $150-$300.00 depending on the size of each unit.

makeup organizer - Only $15 !

Step 2. The Purge!

This is the scary and often frustrating part of organizing. gather all your makeup together on a large table and organize each piece into different piles. Put products into groups of like items (shadows together, liners together, etc.). Now that you have them grouped, take a long hard look at each item and ask yourself  “do I use this? Will I use this?”

If you answered no to either question, then toss it! We tend to hang on to things for too long!! If you have had it for more than 2 years and its barely been touched, chances are you will never use it! Pair down to items you will use and can use on a daily basis or, special occasions, or fun nights out. If anything is  broken and something you will use, you can always put into a new container.

Parting with product can be tough, but trust me it will be worth it!

Step 3. The Cleanse!

Now that you have paired down to products that you love and will use take a moment to clean them off. Too often we leave makeup in drawers, bags etc., and they can tend to get grimy from powders etc. Use makeup wipes on the outsides of packaging and around the rims to help clean off excess makeup etc. So it will bring them back to what once was.

Step 3. Put it Together!

My dream makeup station

This is the fun part! Think of it as getting a new purse! We all love taking our stuff out and adding it to a brand new purse. Now that you have everything grouped and have your organizers take time to organize on your desk in an efficient way remembering to keep ‘like’ items together. I like to also keep items based on the order of how i do my makeup and organizing from Left to right. I am the type who likes things easily accessible, within close reach, and visible. Here is a great way of taking advantage of counter top storage as well as drawers and inserts. However you decide to place and organize make sure its functional, practical, and looks good! Having your makeup organized in a beautiful way will encourage more use.

No matter what, have fun and make it a project with a friend or roommate. Get creative and get inspired.

Post pics to our Facebook on how you chose to organize your makeup!




Beauty in Poulsbo!

I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful bride who showed me that laughter and love are all you need in life!! Marie was so funny and fun to be around that she hardly made me feel as though I was working. Her smile truly brings light to all things!

For her hair we went with very lose tousled waves to pair with her elegant natural makeup to let her bright blues shine through paired nicely with her Claire Pettibone “Chrysanthemum” dress . The combination of hair and makeup was beautifully juxtaposed with the beautiful 18 acre Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo, WA. This wedding was magic!

Photography by: Yvonne Wong Photography

Hair and makeup by: Shanelle La Crista for Pacific Artistry


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Wedding Wire Rated 2012!

Pacific Artistry is WeddingWire Rated 2012

// Kirkland, WA – June 28, 2012 – WeddingWire is excited to announce that Pacific Artistry is WeddingWire Rated in 2012 for Beauty & Health. WeddingWire Rated is the annual ratings program that recognizes wedding professionals across the country for their commitment to service and is the most recognized and trusted brand among engaged couples, as they start their search for local wedding businesses. The ratings program is based on hundreds of thousands of recent newlywed reviews of over 200,000 wedding professionals in the US and Canada, across 20 different service categories.

Pacific Artistry has 19 reviews on WeddingWire. Reviews by our newlywed clients include detailed ratings and insightful descriptions about their experiences working with our business and staff. Our reviews provide transparency for potential clients, assisting them in making informed decisions for their big day.

“We are very pleased to announce WeddingWire Rated 2012, recognizing Pacific Artistry for their commitment to exemplary service in Beauty & Health,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire, Inc. “Pacific Artistry has shown dedication to their craft and service, helping engaged couples understand what to expect from their business through reviews on the nation’s leading wedding review site.”

As the largest site for wedding reviews, WeddingWire empowers engaged couples with the most comprehensive and trusted review system available in the wedding industry. WeddingWire Rated provides Pacific Artistry with the distinction of being WeddingWire Rated and a simple platform to capture client feedback from their wedding planning experience. Engaged couples can easily access all of the reviews for Pacific Artistry on We have all of our newlywed clients to thank for our WeddingWire Rated 2012 recognition.

For more information, please visit Pacific Artistry on WeddingWire at For more information on WeddingWire Rated 2012, please visit

About WeddingWire, Inc.
WeddingWire, the nation’s leading marketplace serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 local wedding vendors, from wedding venues to wedding photographers. WeddingWire also offers an online community and a suite of cutting-edge planning tools for weddings, including wedding websites and wedding checklists, all at no charge. For wedding professionals, WeddingWire is the only all-in-one marketing platform for businesses online and on-the-go. WeddingWire offers one simple solution to build a professional network, improve search visibility, manage social media and reach mobile consumers. Businesses that advertise with WeddingWire appear on, and other leading sites, including, and

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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Hello all, it has been quite a while since I have written, wedding season seemed to envelope all my time! As Halloween quickly approaches I tend to get a lot of requests for makeup tips and tricks for both scary and sexy looks and looks for both male and female. With so many trends and options there are a plethera of products and ideas one can use to create ultimate Halloween look!

Smudge Pots

Stila Smudge Pot in Black this little baby is perfect for creating the sexy lined eyes for sultry looks like a cat, nurse, and more. It can be used for a simple line or smudged for a sexy smokey look. The other great benefit about this smooth and intense black is it can be used all around the eye to create deep circles for those scary zombie looks. The pot can be used with a small liner brush to create lines and draw shapes to create masqueraide masks and more. You can use with or without a primer, because it is waterproof and lasts all day! $20  Sephora.

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Nars Velvet Matt Lip Liner in Siren RedThis liner is one of my favorite products, super creamy and vibrant. Fill in lips and pair with our without a lip gloss. This color and product is perfect for creating a 1960’s red lip, vampire lips, and more. Because of the size and shape it can also be used to draw directly on the face to give the appearance of blood. Whether you want to be a sexy siren or a the walking dead, this product performs. $24 Sephora

NYX Loose Pigments – Loose pigments are a fun alternative to traditional pressed eyeshadow. With loose pigments you have the ability to create much more intense coloring and blending and can even mix and match to create your own shade. These are great for glittery and shiny looks to add vibrancy and color to your eyes! NYX are affordable and offer a variety of colors and shades. They can be found online and at some Nordstrom and Ulta stores $2.99 – $8.99. You can also find them on

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

Too Faced Matte Bronzer Chocolate Soleil – This has to be one of my all time favorite bronzing products. The bronzer has a matte finish making it great for not just adding color but for intense contouring. The best part is it smells like chocolate!! This is a must have in both my professional and personal kits! Use it to add ghostly shadows under your eyes or to give yourself that sun-kissed look. $29 at Sephora.

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter– If your planning on more than trick or treating for Halloween, lets say an all-night frightful dance-fest, then your best defense against dripping makeup is a makeup setting spray. Urban decay made life much easier for me when creating this product. Use after your makeup is complete to set all your makeup. The All Nighter spray helps to set makeup by lowering the control of makeup to ensure its longevitiy. It helps prevent against loss of color and will prevent your makeup from melting off. And don’t worry about working up a sweat, the product creats a seal making it waterproof, so you can dance clear into the witching hour! $11- $29 Sephora and

I can’t wait to see all the fun Halloween looks, post a comment with any product questions, or additional tips for creating specific looks!

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Braids are Taking Brides by Storm!

For quite a while, braids have been on an upward trend. Braids have taken over the red carpet and runways, and now braids are taking the bridal hairstyle by storm! Modern brides are trading in their traditional formal do for less traditional braided styles.

Styles range from subtly romantic to elegant sheek and everything in between. We have seen fishtail braids, waterfall braids, French braids, headband braids, around-the-world braids, braided updo’s, messy braids, and more! Braids are fresh and youthful and these styles are a fun way to be out with the old and in with the new!

I have noticed more of my clients requesting braids be incorporated into their style. I have to say, I am loving it! Braids are a great way to add fun to any style and bring a little bit of youth! Braided hairstyles can be dressed up or down and add a punch of fun to any look. Most are easy to create, and some can be done with wet or dry hair. Styles can be worn bohemian, messy, and formal. There are so many to choose from.

Check out some of these popular styles below, I even included some how-to’s from YouTube for you to practice with!

photos courtesy of:

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Eyelash Extensions-What to expect and where to go!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the latest craze in beauty trends and are not be confused with strip lashes. Eyelash extensions are individually fused to each lash providing more volume and length. They are semi-permanent lasting up to three weeks, and blend seamlessly with your own lashes; so no one is the wiser! The extensions are made from either synthetic, silk, or genuine mink. Once they are applied they provide the look of mascara so there is no need to apply! However a water -based mascara will add even more drama.  Eyelash extensions are perfect for those who lack in lashes or for those looking for more drama, or to brighten their eyes. You can add length and volume to your natural lashes. These are a perfect option for brides who love the look of false lashes. This way you can have the look on the wedding day and during the honeymoon!

Who can Apply Them?

Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a licensed esthetician certified in lash extensions. Be wary of those salons adding on lash extensions as  a secondary service. There is a lot of technical skill required for lash extensions, so if someone is not properly trained they can damage your lashes and eyes. Here is a before and after photo of girl who had bad eyelash extensions and what they look like after they were fixed.


This person had really bad eyelash extensions put on and went to Blink Eyelash Bar to have them repaired.

CORRECTED-EYELASH EXTENSIONS-This women came to Blink Lash bar after she had bad eyelash extensions applied at another salon.

Looking for Luscious Lashes?

Look no further than Blink Eyelash Bar!


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Wilson the owner of Blink Eyelash Bar in Capital Hill. I know you may be wondering a bar for eyelashes? Well it is just that, Blink is the first full service eyelash extension bar in Seattle. They specialize in eyelash extensions and Blink is the only Salon in Seattle to offer eyelash dips (as seen on the Today Show). Blink is located across from Roy Street Coffee in the Loveless building. Upon walking in you are greeted by the cutest smiling faces and posh decor. I know there are salons around the sound offering eyelash extensions, however none come close to the service, professionalism, and quality you will receive at Blink.

The Process

Your eyelash technician will take you into a private treatment room for your consultation and service. Based on your eye shape and consultation the technician will customize a look specifically for your eye shape and face.

After the specialist designs your eyelash template you lie down on a soft table with a heated blanket.  The technician will begin by cleaning your eyelids to ensure no makeup is on the lids (it is best to show up with no eye-makeup, including mascara). Once clean they will begin the application process, individually fusing one lash at a time. The entire process takes a  couple of hours and it is so relaxing that I fell asleep! 

The Difference

At Blink extensions are applied to each individual lash, not every other lash or every third lash, but every lash. This creates a more natural and full look.
I have to say when I first heard about eyelash extensions, I was skeptical, I thought why not just use strip lashes? Well after having a full set put on, I can understand why. The extensions look amazing! They last for three weeks and I don’t even have to wear mascara when I have them on. I just go in for a fill every few weeks to maintain them and that’s it!

Blink owners were kind enough to offer Pacific Artistry clients and customers an amazing 20% off of a full set of lashes!

So when you make your appointment make sure you let them know we sent you!

To book an appointment call 206-324-Lash (5274) or visit

Check out my before and after photo as well as a few others!


Runway Trends

Spring is on the Horizon: Get the Look

Bold, Sassy, Classy, and Fresh, what will your Spring look say about you?

With springtime approaching we are seeing hot new trends in fashion, hair and makeup. Christian Dior featured colorful eyeshadow, Gucci featured bright bold lips, and D & G opted for fresh and natural. Pastels and “Easter” colors are out the door this season; spring is promising to be bright and colorful. Before you run to Sephora to stock up, check out the looks from fashions top designers for inspiration.

Colorful Christian Dior

The runways were ripe with modern interpretations on old favorites. Christian Dior took the pinup look to new heights. It was sexy, fun, bold, and not to be missed. The makeup was clean and bright with fresh skin, and the hair was fun and sophisticated. Models sported cropped bangs and soft waves, while others wore cute sailor hats. The ready to wear collection has color, fun, and intrigue, a must for any fashionistas closet.  

Christian Dior Backstage (Photo courtesy

Christian Dior RTW runway (Photo courtesy

Christian Dior RTW runway (Photo courtesy

Christian Dior RTW runway (Photo courtesy

Sleek and Sexy Gucci

Every girl loves Gucci and they came through once again for Spring. The beautiful fabrics, colors, and textures married well with the bright lips and fresh skin. Gucci artists paired bright red lips with a soft smoky gold and browns and light bronzer while the hair was sleek and polished. The look is sophisticated, sleek, and sexy everything a Gucci girl embodies.

Gucci Backstage (photo courtesy of

Gucci RTW Runway (photo courtesy of

Fresh Faced D&G

D&G spring collection is flirty floral fun. The patterns and fabrics are easy to wear, luxurious, and sexy. The line is feminine, girly, yet sophisticated. D&G complimented the line with fresh faced models bringing out the youth in the collection. The skin was beautiful, natural, and easy for a girl on the go. The makeup featured simple shimmery shadow with neutral semi-matte lips. The foundation was light and featured very little blush. The makeup paired with the sleek hint of body hair. Makes me think of ultra chic bomehemian. The collection was one of my favorites this season because it speaks to the girly girl in us all.

D&G RTW Runway (Photo courtesy of

D&G RTW Runway (Photo courtesy of

D&G RTW Runway (Photo courtesy of

These looks are all versatile, fun, and will take your look to the next level. With the right products and tools you can have a look straight off the runway and ready for spring. Contact us today or post a question to our Facebook page and we will be happy to give you all the tips and tricks to get the look!