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New Year New Storage!

If you are like me then you probably have hoards of makeup at home and are looking for ways to store them. Many of us don’t always use the makeup we have simply because we forget about it, can’t find it, or it is hidden in a drawer somewhere. One of the best ways to start the New Year is by doing a makeup cleansing and reorganizing.

Organizing can sound daunting to some, but it actually can be quite cathartic. According to  , (2011) organizing can be great for stress management. Now we all made resolutions in the New Year, some chose losing weight, others chose to quit vices. One easy and affordable way to improve your stress management and beauty life is through makeup organization!

Step 1. Finding the Right Storage!

Finding the right storage can be a lot of fun. First figure out what type of space you are working with. Do you do your makeup in your room, in the bathroom, or a closet? Figure out your space and then assess what will fit into that area. Depending on your space and budget there are items that will help get your makeup inline.

Here are some easy makeup storage solutions: 

Acrylic trays: These are great for counter top storage. These work for powders, lipsticks, or even disposables such as cotton balls, q-tips, sponges. etc.  These are inexpensive and easy to find at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

$8.99 Target

Makeup/vanity storage - $9 at Target!

Toolboxes and craft boxes are another excellent way of storing your makeup. You can find these for $19.96 at Home Depot store or even at craftstores like Michaels. These are a great way to store makeup because it can be cataloged  labeled and you can see through so you know what you have available.

makeup storage solutions...

Stackable drawers are another great way of storing makeup. These can also be found at Wal-Mart and Target and range in price depending on the size you get.  The only challenge with these is they can begin to become a dumping ground of various products. So if you do opt for drawers like the ones below add organizing inserts and label each drawer so you keep things neat!

Affordable Makeup Storage Drawers

Office storage products are excellent ways of storing makeup! They are affordable and easily accessible. Today’s office storage solutions are also a lot more fashionable then in years past so you have the option of customizing units to fit your style and decor.

makeup storage

Do it yourself! For those of you who are crafty you can create your own makeup storage solutions. Such as makeup boards or brush storage like the ones featured below.

How to Make it

Makeup Magnet Wall ... Love this one! Would be great for organizing / viewing all of the mineral makeup.  Also helpful if a bathroom or vanity areas has little counter space or storage cupboards.  Everywhere has walls.  :)

#DIY #Makeup/brush storage

Acrylic Drawers are a fantastic way to store your makeup. Many people first saw these on Keeping up with the Kardashians. These drawers look beautiful on counters and are excellent for easily locating your product. If your budget can afford them they retail from $150-$300.00 depending on the size of each unit.

makeup organizer - Only $15 !

Step 2. The Purge!

This is the scary and often frustrating part of organizing. gather all your makeup together on a large table and organize each piece into different piles. Put products into groups of like items (shadows together, liners together, etc.). Now that you have them grouped, take a long hard look at each item and ask yourself  “do I use this? Will I use this?”

If you answered no to either question, then toss it! We tend to hang on to things for too long!! If you have had it for more than 2 years and its barely been touched, chances are you will never use it! Pair down to items you will use and can use on a daily basis or, special occasions, or fun nights out. If anything is  broken and something you will use, you can always put into a new container.

Parting with product can be tough, but trust me it will be worth it!

Step 3. The Cleanse!

Now that you have paired down to products that you love and will use take a moment to clean them off. Too often we leave makeup in drawers, bags etc., and they can tend to get grimy from powders etc. Use makeup wipes on the outsides of packaging and around the rims to help clean off excess makeup etc. So it will bring them back to what once was.

Step 3. Put it Together!

My dream makeup station

This is the fun part! Think of it as getting a new purse! We all love taking our stuff out and adding it to a brand new purse. Now that you have everything grouped and have your organizers take time to organize on your desk in an efficient way remembering to keep ‘like’ items together. I like to also keep items based on the order of how i do my makeup and organizing from Left to right. I am the type who likes things easily accessible, within close reach, and visible. Here is a great way of taking advantage of counter top storage as well as drawers and inserts. However you decide to place and organize make sure its functional, practical, and looks good! Having your makeup organized in a beautiful way will encourage more use.

No matter what, have fun and make it a project with a friend or roommate. Get creative and get inspired.

Post pics to our Facebook on how you chose to organize your makeup!



beauty recommendations, makeup, makeup recommendations, product recommendations

Product Recommendations

Whether you’re new to makeup or a seasoned makeup connoisseur these are products that every woman or makeup artist should have in her bag! We have selected some of the top in their category! Do you have a favorite product recommendation? Share it with is!


Primer is one of those magical products that can enhance and protect your foundation and look. Primer help for foundation to go on smoothly, reduce shine, and depending upon the product nourish skin. Our top pick for primer is Smashbox Photo Finish. This silky smooth primer helps to create a smooth base for foundation and greatly reduces shine. This product is perfect for a wedding day and for gals with oily skin and it is a definite must have for makeup artists, it is my favorite kit product! Here are our top three!
•Smashbox Photo Finish $36
•Makeup Forever HD $32
•mark. Primed for Perfection $10.00


Awe foundation, one of my most favorite products. It can turn an uneven skin toned, blotchy face into a beautiful, even-toned masterpiece! I have recently fallen in love with the Anew Age Transforming Makeup from Avon. This foundation is smooth and flawless providing ample coverage, long wear, no rub-off, and best of all it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing pancake batter on your face! Try out these other top foundations!
•Anew Age Transforming Makeup $16
•Chanel Mat Lumiere $54
•Diorskin Nude $46
•Diorskin Forever $46


Concealer is one of those magical things that helps to hide the partying you may have done the night before. Have dark circles or a monster zit? These products are sure to help! Our pick is the Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer. This baby is soft smooth and covers nicely! Two of our other favorites come from Dior! the Diorskin Nude concealer hydrates and covers like magic, while the Skinflash Radiance Booster is great for highlighting and reflecting light!
•Diorskin Nude $28
•Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster $33
•Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer $25

Pressed/Loose Powder

Oh Chanel Double Perfection Pressed Powder, how I love thee! This powder is unbeatable! Pair this lightweight silky powder makeup with the Anew Age Transforming Foundation and your face will look like a million bucks! Don’t believe me? check out the proof below!
•Chanel Double Perfection Pressed Powder $50
•Diorskin Pressed Powder $46
•Ideal Shade Pressed powder (Avon) $9
•Diorskin Nude loose powder $46


Diorshow Waterproof Mascara in black is still one of the best mascaras I have ever used. It is a staple product in my kit, and definitely worth the money! This mascara doesn’t flake, clump, and stays on all day; it’s a wedding day must have! These others are also fantastic formulas and for the price they can’t be beat! Im totally hooked on the mark. Scanda-Lash and keep it handy in my makeup bag.

•Diorshow WP Black $24
•Covergirl Lash Blast $8
•mark. Scanda-Lash $6
•Diorshow Extase $28


Eyeliner is one of those products that has to be right! It can’t run, it needs to be soft so it doesn’t stretch the skin, and needs to have a lot of pigment, my favorite? It’s a tie! The Dior Crayon Eyeliner in waterproof and the mark. No Place to Run Longwear Eyeliner in black are my top two! Both stay on all day, Dior provides you with a Sharpener, but mark. is a super intense black perfect for smudging…my advice get them both!

•Dior Crayon Eyeliner black WP $28
•mark. No Place to Run Longwear Eyeliner Black $8
•Lancome LE STYLO WP Black $24.50
•Dior Crayon Eyeliner brown WP $28


Ok so everyone knows by now that NARS Orgasm is one of the best blushes ever! But they have other beautiful colors to choose from…so mix it up! My favorite pick for bronzer has got to be the Urban Decay Baked Bronzer, this baby has a golden hue that adds light and shimmer to the face. Get the sun-kissed look in winter pair with the mark. Bronze pro for contour and your skin will glow all season long!

•NARS Blush $26
•mark. Good Glowing Mosaic blush palette in Sandy $7
•Avon True color blush Coral Radiance $8
•mark. Bronze Pro $10
•Diorskin Bronze $43
•Urban Decay Baked Bronzer $24


Lipstick is so much fun and one of the easiest ways to brighten your face and change your look. The Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks are my favorite! They are super soft, intensely rich, stay on long, and are a steal at $6.50! That’s like almost 5 lipsticks for the price of one designer lipstick! For that price you can afford to try all the colors!

•Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick $6.50
•Dior Rouge Lipcolor $30
•Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick $12
•Chanel Rouge Allure $30

Lipgloss /Liner

Lip liner and lip gloss are a great and simple way to get pouty sexy lips! Fill in the entire lip with liner to give your gloss something to cling to and you will have long-lasting hold! One of the great things you can do is get a lip liner that is either your lip shade or slightly darker fill in lightly and blend into the lip then go over with a lip gloss and instant glam! Our favorite of course taking number one is the Dior Addict Ultra Glosses. These glosses deliver maximum color, shine, and staying power. A definite kit or makeup bag must have! Lip liners are one of those magical products you can get just about anywhere! One thing you want to look for is something that is smooth and goes on easy! We love the Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner, they are silky smooth and come in a great color selection, the Dior Rouge liners also can’t be beat, and the Sephora Collection liners are super smooth and a bargain at $5!

•Dior Addict Ultra Gloss $26.50
•Lancome Juicy Tubes $18
•Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss $6
•NARS Lip Gloss $24
•Chanel Glossimer $27
•Avon Ultra Luxury Lip liner $5
•Dior Rouge Liner $28
•Sephora Collection lip liner $5
*All Pricing information is direct from and

Choosing the Right On-Location Bridal Makeup Artist

Your wedding day is one of the most important days you will ever have. It is the special day when you get to feel like a celebrity or a princess. Many brides are opting to get the full royal treatment by hiring on-location hair and makeup experts. With all the chaos a wedding day can bring, brides do shouldn’t have to drive to the salon and get made up; instead they are having the salon come to them.

On-location bridal makeup is becoming hugely popular, and not just for celebrities. Everyday brides are discovering that they too can get the celebrity treatment. Choosing the right bridal makeup artists is very important. Here are some things to ask and keep in mind when hiring an on-location makeup artist.


Makeup Artist wedding rates are typically between $100-$500 for the bride depending upon the artist and what is included.  Rates should include the travel fee (within a 50 mile radius), kit fee, time, application, and a trial run through. When booking your bridal makeup artist find out if the makeup artist will include the mother of the bride or mother in law. Many packages will include them at no additional cost.

Generally with these rates bridesmaids are not included unless it is a package. If bridesmaids are not included they are usually around $25-$75 per bridesmaid. This price can vary depending upon the artist, number of bridesmaids, and what the bridesmaid(s) will be having done (i.e. hair, makeup, airbrushing, false lashes, etc.).

One of the best ways for a bride to save money on beauty expenses is by booking a hair and makeup package. Brides can typically save upwards of $200.  Many makeup artists often do hair or have a hairstylist that they book with. Talk with your makeup artist to find out if they can do hair and offer a package.


When booking a makeup artist it is of the utmost importance to review and see the artist’s portfolio. The portfolio should have a range of looks and styles varying from natural and dramatic. A portfolio with a range demonstrates the artist’s ability to work with many different face and eye shapes as well as skin tones. Think of an artist’s portfolio as their initial interview. The portfolio will also help to determine the style of makeup artist they are. If a person specializes in special FX makeup and occasionally does a bride, that makeup artist may not be the best makeup artist for you, unless you are having a Nightmare on Elm Street themed wedding.  Your wedding day is special so make sure you choose an artist who is creative, dynamic, and diverse.


When choosing an artist, inquire as to what type of foundation products they use. There are many different formulas (matte, full coverage, dewy, etc.) and brands of foundation. When paying for a makeup artist you will want to have an artist who has high quality foundations. The foundation used is what will make your skin look radiant in pictures and while talking to guests. Low quality foundation or foundations can rub off or even become blotchy, especially when having an outdoor wedding. So ask questions and tell your artist your skin type so they can match the right formula for you. When searching for a bridal makeup artist, Pacific Artistry recommends the following foundation brands: Christian Dior, Chanel, Graftobian Airbrush, Luminess Airbrush, RCMA, FACE atelier, Smashbox, YSL, Armani, and Cinema Secrets. These all provide long lasting coverage, and look fantastic on film and in person.

Your makeup artist should come equipped with products to fight against mishaps such as zit zapper, tattoo cover, and bases to fight oily skin. If you have problem skin or issues make sure to communicate this with your artist. Makeup artists are very inventive so if they know ahead of time they can prepare for it.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies let your artist know. They can recommend special base products that won’t irritate your skin. Christian Dior foundations tend to be gentle and work on most skin types even those who are allergy prone, while still providing a beautiful finish. If you only use mineral makeup you can supply your own mineral foundation for the artist to use. Some artists carry mineral foundation, but many do not. There are a select few who specialize in mineral makeup, so if this is a must for you, just ask. If the artist does not have mineral makeup, chances are they will get it just for you.


One of the most important things to ask and to watch is your makeup artist’s sanitation habits. The makeup artist’s brushes should be clean and soft. The makeup artist should wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to working on your face. The makeup artist should sharpen and sanitize their lip and eye pencils prior to using them on you. Disposable mascara wands should also be used when applying mascara. If an artist uses the wand that came from the tube of mascara be wary. Mascara wands can transmit bacteria that can cause pink eye or sties, so make sure that the makeup artist uses disposable wands and does not double dip, or you can even provide your own mascara.

During a wedding event makeup artists are generally working on several people, so it is important that the makeup artist use brush cleaner or rubbing alcohol on their brushes after each girl in order to not cross-contaminate.

Trial Run

The trial is your opportunity to run through and discuss makeup looks and customize the look you want for your wedding day. The trial run should be included in the price of your booking. Think of the trial as your second interview with the artist.

Make sure to prepare for the trial run through by printing out pictures or tearing out magazine images of makeup looks and styles that you are interested in. On the day of the trial make sure your skin is clean and hydrated. Remember your face is the makeup artist’s canvas so it needs to be clean for them to create.

If you are not having your hair done by the artist make sure to have pictures of the hairstyles you are considering so the looks can match. Make sure to listen to your makeup artist’s advice as they will be able to tell you how a look will wear on your skin type. For example if you are a bride who cries at the drop of the dime, and you tear up just thinking about your wedding day, you may want to opt for a more subtle eye style instead of a heavy smoky eye. Your artist is a professional so trust that they will provide sound advice.

After you have completed your trial run through and are happy with the look you have both created, make sure your artist takes a picture or you take a picture and make sure the products get written down so it can be replicated on the big day.

Day Of

On the day of the wedding you and your bridesmaids should have clean hydrated faces ready for application. Make sure to schedule the timing accordingly. Generally a bride will take about 1 hour to complete, and each bridesmaid will take 30 minutes. Keep this in mind when blocking out your timing. If you are having your hair and makeup done by the artist make sure to add 25 minutes to each person, if your artist is bringing a separate hairstylist, they can work on multiple people at once and the timing will remain the same.

Find out if your artist will remain until after the ceremony to provide lip and eye touchups. After a ceremony of tears and kisses brides typically like to have a quick touchup. Some artists may charge extra to stay on site so make sure to inquire as to what the artist’s policy is regarding this.


After the big day make sure to send your artist a copy of some of your wedding photos. Artists love to keep their portfolios up to date and always appreciate brides sending photos.

Choosing the right makeup artist for your special day is important. It can mean the difference between looking like a raccoon and looking like a glowing beautiful bride. Choose wisely, ask questions, and do your research. For more information or to ask questions post a comment or contact

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Hello world!

Pacific Artistry is so excited to enter the blogosphere. We have really been gearing up for the busy bridal makeup season and have been recruiting talented makeup artists and hair stylists. We are so happy to have brought on some of the Northwest’s most talented makeup professionals. We want to welcome Shyn from Freakishly Beautiful, Nika from Nika’s Mobile Makeup, Kate Dixon FX specialist, and Barbie our new Beauty Specialist. Each of these women brings a solid talent and passion for the makeup and beauty industry. We are happy to have them join the Pacific Artistry team and look forward to building a network of relationships.  

Pacific Artistry has also been busy with promotional events including a Mommy and Me makeover event. The event was held at Promesse Boutique in Kirkland, and was held to launch the new baby line. Pacific Artistry makeup artist Shanelle Allen was on-site providing quick tips and tricks to moms on the go. The event was a huge success and each woman left feeling beautiful!  

Pacific Artistry was also at Laugh’s Comedy Club in Kirkland, WA promoting their ladies night event. We were showing woman how to take their looks from day to night! It was a lot of fun and the comedians were incredibly funny. We can’t wait to do another event! 

Makeup Artist Shanelle Allen working on a mommy


Makeup Artist Shanelle Allen working on a mommy


All of the Ladies who participated in the Baby Launch Event, from left: Model Oksana, Owner Francine, Model Holly, Stylist Tannya, Makeup Artist Shanelle, Hair Stylist Deanne